Move On: Broken but Beautiful


Every rejected proposal gives you the power and hopes to move on. It helps you in thinking again about what you actually love. Did He/she was the one whom you love if yes then why He/she wasn’t interested in you? you were wrong in making choices or the wrong person is chosen by him/her.

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The Loser: a single wilting rose

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The feeling of a loser in love is the worst feeling you can ever get….. It can hurt you soo deep….deeper then any wound and enough to kill you totally inside. So is it the fault of your expectations?….No… of course not… actually it’s the fault of human nature. Sometimes You go through a breakup with someone with whom you thought he or she was “the one” for you.

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The Last Meeting: Things Don’t Change

The last (1)

It is 1:00 PM, 5 May right now  I am traveling through a bus and looking constantly outside the bus. Today I’m feeling very different like I am missing something from the morning when I came to know that what was i missing and at the same time I get down from the bus and took another and finally reached what I was missing, it is the Pizza shop.

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THE PENDING COFFEE ( Caffè sospeso ) : The act of kindness

The sus 2


Can’t afford coffee? No matter, There is a tradition called pending, suspended or Caffè sospeso. The pending coffee is an act of charity and generosity in which a person can pay for a pending or suspended coffee, it is an easy way of gifting a coffee to someone who can not afford it. This concept came from Italian tradition and culture. Continue reading “THE PENDING COFFEE ( Caffè sospeso ) : The act of kindness”

Shooting stars: make a wish

thumb-1920-743487.jpgFrom my pen ;

It was the night of summer I was laying on the dew dropped grass near a lake and admiring the stars and the beauty of the sky. The beauty of the sky and the light of stars and moon was giving much relaxation to my eyes. I always like to count the stars, it gives me peace and pleasure, When I was counting the stars in the sky and come with a connection between stars like a trio of stars which have the highest level of brightness. Fortunately, I witnessed of shooting star… I always want to make a wish, So  I Closed my eyes while wishing. I am lucky enough to see a shooting star, I closed my eyes before wishing.

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The Unknown World Of Slum Dweller


A story of a homeless old woman near a hospital

Today we live in a world where we are unknown and have not any relation with some other creatures but in this blog I want to share a Story that happened with me that was about the unknown world that consist of humans but we don’t know about them or even we don’t want to know about them that is the world of Slum Dwellers. We don’t know who they are and don’t want to know the hidden truth behind the life of slum.

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