The Unknown World Of Slum Dweller


A story of a homeless old woman near a hospital

Today we live in a world where we are unknown and have not any relation with some other creatures but in this blog I want to share a Story that happened with me that was about the unknown world that consist of humans but we don’t know about them or even we don’t want to know about them that is the world of Slum Dwellers. We don’t know who they are and don’t want to know the hidden truth behind the life of slum.

Today I was sitting and waiting for the bus at the bus stop of a hospital ( Hamidia Hospital Bhopal). I witnessed very old women sat little far away from me she was a slum dweller, I was looking very carefully she had a half package of bread, some biscuits,  a cup of tea and a samosa in her hand that she was eating patiently. she was dipping the bread and biscuits in tea and eating. Near the old woman a bitch sat and looking at her mouth in the greed of a piece of bread and biscuits, it also looks hungry. The old woman throws a bitten biscuit to the bitch and the bitch quickly eats the piece of biscuit and sat again in the hope of another crumb. I was surprised to see all that, an old woman who gave her food to a bitch although the food was insufficient for herself. in today’s world where a capable person does not want to give a single penny to any needy without any interest. By the way, necessity is the mother of invention. Now the thoughts of Rafael Garcia and Henry Ward Beecher seem very true to me…..

“Your greatest test is when you are to bless someone else while you are going through your own storms.”

“Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven.”



Now I want to search the helping hand who gave them food but I feel bad when I came to know that she eating expired bread and biscuits. the samosa that she was eating was fried yesterday. The food is more than 24 hours OLD and not edible so the shopkeeper gives it to them.


Suddenly a slum dweller ironically said, you don’t have sufficient food for eat and you giving a quarter of it to the bitch, from the blessing o the bitch, one day your son will come otherwise make this bitch your daughter.The old woman said ‘my son will come’……  Now I want to know her story, how she becomes a slum dweller, what happened with her, thousands of questions were arising in my heart, like a tsunami of questions. I was searching for a slum dweller who can tell me the story of the old women. After 10 min an old man comes there and sat beside me, it seems me little bit Sensible person because he doesn’t waste his time in bagging instead of it he sells bananas near the hospital. When I asked the old man for telling me the story of the old women he smiled and start to tell me the story of the old women he says…..

“once upon a time in Bhopal a bus accident happened. It was the collision of a bus and a truck, the bus was going to Rajasthan, in this collision 12 people died and some were seriously injured. The old woman’s husband also injured seriously in this accident and the old woman injured normally.The old woman says to everyone to tell her son about our accident but she doesn’t have mobile numbers of her son.  After some hours of treatment of her husband doctor come out from the ICU and said to her that your I’m sorry your Husband is no more. The woman starts crying and said please call my son…..please call my son. She continuously says the same thing ‘please call my son’ but no one can not do anything because no one has the mobile number of your son. The day was passing but all the day the woman says the same thing ‘please call my son’.

The mental health of the woman now become worse and she became mad. She used to live near the hospital and wandering here and there. After a month a person from the collided bus agency come to the hospital because he found some bags of the victims of the accident. He gave these things to the Hospital management. A doctor’s team which wanted help the victims, eagerly searching for things related to the old woman. Suddenly a doctor found a bag in which he found a diary of her husband and the doctor run out of the hospital with a smile and went to the old woman and gaspingly said that we found a diary of your husband, maybe in this book we can found your son’s mobile number. When the doctor calls the only number that written in it…..

Person: Hello

Dr.: Hello I am Dr. Jitendra speaking from Hamidia hospital Bhopal “ I am sorry, your father is no more and your mother became mad due to this tragedy’’.

Person: I know all that and Don’t call me again.


And he cut the call. The doctor tried several times to contact him but now the mobile number was switched off. The old woman cant speaks well she was just smiling and look at doctors face. The doctor thinks it is not good to tell about her son so The doctor return to the hospital with tears in his eye and the old women say the same thing “my son will come’’………

When I asked the Sensible person, what happened to you then he says that every slum dweller near the hospital faced the similar type of tragedies. My mother, wife, and son have died in an accident here….he further says someone’s wife died, someone’s mother, father, and children died.

My heart filled with emotions, I thanked the Sensible person because my bus had arrived. The Sensible person said to me “please come again next time”

I said “why not…I will come”

When I sit in the bus I was continuously thinking about the old woman and about the Sensible person’s talk.

“When we independent from relations, we bounded by the world’’

Some people think that relation is a burden on us and if we independent from it then we can live a better life but firstly looked at the slum dweller near the hospital who says “ relation is the thing by that they are tied with the world, society and with creatures.

“Relation is a bond which gives us a hope to live”

People only truly understand to the extent they have experienced something. Whether its poverty, poor health, loss of loved ones etc, having gone through these experiences makes us compassionate and empathetic with a desire to help others in whatever way we can.

                                                                                                                                ~ Tamara Bali 

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

– John Wooden

“At the end of the day, life is about being happy being who you are, and I feel like we are so blessed to have the support system and the best family to really just support each other no matter what we’re going through.”

– Kim Kardashian
Slum dwellers and beggars have not any connection with us but they are more close to the slumdogs. They live with them like a family. They give food to slumdogs they while they don’t have food for own.



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