Shooting stars: make a wish

thumb-1920-743487.jpgFrom my pen ;

It was the night of summer I was laying on the dew dropped grass near a lake and admiring the stars and the beauty of the sky. The beauty of the sky and the light of stars and moon was giving much relaxation to my eyes. I always like to count the stars, it gives me peace and pleasure, When I was counting the stars in the sky and come with a connection between stars like a trio of stars which have the highest level of brightness. Fortunately, I witnessed of shooting star… I always want to make a wish, So  I Closed my eyes while wishing. I am lucky enough to see a shooting star, I closed my eyes before wishing.

Then start saying,


 “Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight:

 I wish I may, I wish I might,

 have this wish I wish tonight.”


This old rhyme and this is rumored that it make your wish come true.

I know that wish maker should tie a knot in a handkerchief or pick up a stone before the meteor disappears, I’ll have good luck. But it was lasting for a very short period so I did not do all this stuff.


I want to share with you what I asked but I know that fact that Doesn’t tell anyone your wish. If you tell someone your wish it’s less likely to come true. I was alone at that time so I  say it aloud…….


Do you know what makes our wish come true,  Believe in your wish. Wishes only come true if you believe in them! After you make your wish, keep thinking about it. The more positive energy you put into your wish, the more likely it is to come true. You need fully positive thinking and attitude.

Whenever a star shoots some wishes made. The shooting star has the power of hope. Actually, it is a way to give infinite time to yourself to work towards your wish or waiting in the hope that the shooting star will fulfill your wish.

The shooting star gives us a glimpse of eternity and the infinity of the struggle of the shooting star. Even the star is dead but it shines to light our hopes. Some find his parents in the stars and some finding his loved one.


“Stars is not hold our destiny and hops but you yourself, They gives only hopes for eternity  ”


Every shooting star says :

“It doesn’t matter if your star is broken now,

You yourself become someone’s refuge ”



Who Believes in Shooting Stars?

Here are some interesting facts about people throughout history who believed in luck from shooting stars.

  • Swabians (who lived in southwest Germany) believed that seeing a shooting star predicted one year of good luck. On the other hand, if a Swabian saw three in one night, that meant he was doomed to die.

  • After Greek astronomer Ptolemy’s time (AD 127-151), there was a widely accepted and poetic explanation that when curious gods would peek down at earth, a star or two would slip down and become a shooting star. Thus, when you saw one, you knew that the gods were looking down at that very moment and so it was an excellent time to have your wishes heard by the gods.

  • In Chile, if you see a meteor you’re supposed to immediately pick up a stone for luck.

  • In the Philippines, if you see a shooting star, for good luck you must tie a knot in a handkerchief before the meteor stops falling.

  • In Switzerland, a meteor was considered to possess the power of God.

  • In some Baltic countries and central Europe, people thought that each person had their own personal star which, when they died, died with them and fell from the sky. This is why it was common practice to say something like “rest in peace” or “go with God” if you saw a meteor.



What would you wish for if you had ONE CHANCE?

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