Daughters Diary: Dad you are my first love

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Dedicated to every Daughter….

Daughter word itself reveal its meaning.

Daughter like someone who belongs to you, who have thousands of dreams, and some responsibilities.

Sometimes I think what parents feel when someone came and said: “Congrats you became a dad of a daughter.”

But, I don’t have any words about it, because it is not necessary that everyone feel happy to have a daughter and also not necessary that everyone feels happy to have a son.

Yes! many parents want a baby girl but sometimes they feel fear about how they will fulfill all the responsibilities of being a parent of a daughter.

It is not easy to keep safe an innocent girl from the enemies of the world.

Sometimes I am so curious to know how my father had felt when the nurse came to my dad and said: “ Congrats you became a dad of a daughter”.

Actually, it is so hard to predict my dad’s feelings and thinking.

Did he cry in happiness with a huge smile on his face and feel happy to have a beautiful responsibility or sad.

Why and what I am thinking this even I know how he feels now. So does it really matter what my dad was thinking in that particular moment?

People say, we should forget the past but I think the past is only the truth and past is what that force as to move on.

Whenever I think about my dad a smile come to my face.

I didn’t know what he thinks about me.

I will always be a princess of my dad, who is my life-time king.

King means not the one who rules, but someone who protect us from all the hurdles and took all the problems for us and for our happiness who hide all the problems from us which he faces.


My dad is like this, wait ! my dad actually the same.

I saw my father to hind every problem from us, whenever I say “Dad what happens” He says “nothing happen” (with a smile on his face).

Almost every father stand behind you in your difficult time but do you know the feeling when you stand behind your father in his crucial time, and till today your father Wipe out your tears, but what was that feeling when you wipe out your father’s tears?



I remembered,

Once my father was crying like a child while remembering his mother in front of me and when I think that….??

Some emotions don’t need words to explain.

I won’t say “My father is my inspiration.”

Because we find inspiration in the person who is different from us but I am totally like my father and he also admitted that.

If I want to explain my father in words that they will be like: “I am his shadow.”

Our habits, thinking, hobbies and even anger is the same that’s why I can easily understand my father’s feelings.

We are not modern and I don’t tell almost everything to him and he also doing the same because he knows very well that I won’t do anything wrong, this is called emotional attachment and trust.

I work hard for everything in my life but I got something not everything.

But I feel satisfied because of the blessings of my parents.

You will never know the value and responsibility of a parent until you become parents of a son or a daughter.

 My father…

I saw him to laugh like a child and crying like a child too.

Sometimes my dad scolds me too and at that time I thought that it is very unfair happening with me because of its my life and my rules. But today, I think that my father was right because now I am on the right way due to his fear in my mind and I know my dad, how much care about me and I know how many responsibilities he has on his soldiers.

He also knows if I do anything wrong then it will affect my whole family too.


My wedding day…….

Let’s talk about my life’s hardest and emotional time and that was my wedding time.

On the wedding day, I am feeling a cocktail of emotions filled with joy and Sorrow.

Joy for that my parent’s dream came true and Sorrow is about that I am going to live my whole life without my parents. My dad who is always standing behind me in every situation.

My dad who was protecting me from all the enemies of the world.

He is the only person in my life who encourage me to face every problems and odds And now I am going to start a new chapter of my life with the almost unknown person.

I don’t know if there will be someone like my father, who will tolerate my tantrums.

My father fulfilled all the wishes and work hard for the completion of my dreams. He is the real-life Superman and even the creator of my life because I can’t imagine to walk a single step without my parents and now I am going to live my rest of life without both of them.


At the wedding day,

My father is busy doing all the works and arrangements from the morning, and I want to see the face of my father like every day.

I remember in my childhood I never spend a single day without my father.

I love chocolates and my dad knows it very well, and I also remember when my Dad comes to home every evening at 6:00 pm and he bought a chocolate every day from me.

Today is my wedding day, and I want to see my dad desperately from the morning, but I’m still searching for him.

Near about 10 o’clock suddenly I saw him during instructing my brother and Mom too. I also saw a smile on a Sad face.

I know he is controlling all his emotions in his heart, and that time he doesn’t want to see me because maybe after watching me, we both won’t able to hold our emotions in our hearts. Thus I don’t want to see him that point of the moment and show my emotions through tears.

My lips were silent and eyes are not moving but my heartbeats were saying loudly.

Every relationship is changing in a moment and now ours about to become others.

I always ruled on the heart of my father and now I am going to leave his heart and his home that once was mine home and where I had my own room and feelings. I will always remain this decade of my life and I know I won’t able to forget it. It’s very hard to leave my lifelines and too hard to hind tears.

At the time of wedding my father is standing behind me and I was arranging my Earrings to looking at the mirror and suddenly a water drop fall on my hand and when I look at the mirror I saw my dad is crying silently and he is not able to control his tears.

But I don’t want to make him feel that I know he is crying and I said “What happens Dad?” and he replies “nothing.”

Then he turns and goes to say “I am coming back in a while.”

Now all the function will be over, and I didn’t see my Dad not even any ordinary rituals. my eyes still searching for him everywhere but failed to find him.

The most important ritual that  “KANYADAN” was not completed without my Dad, and I don’t want it will be done by any other. But where is my father, my heart afraid too much and eyes want to see him right now. The Kanyadaan ceremony marks the biggest transition in a bride’s life. The ceremony confirms the change of role in her life, from a daughter to a wife. From relative security of her father’s house, she now embarks on an unknown journey to a new place and new surroundings.


I was asking everyone where is my Dad and all of them said, we don’t know or maybe he is busy.

Suddenly I saw my dad is running to me and as soon as he comes to me, he gives me the best gift on my wedding day and said, “This is your final chocolate from my side.” and we both start crying….

But he has to fulfill his final responsibility, The KANYADAN ritual. So he held my hands and do the ritual with blurred eyes full of tears and calm face with a huge smile.


When I started writing, I was thinking that what I will write but now I don’t want to let down the pen….

Love you, dad…..


By: Asher and Priyanka Singh

1 thought on “Daughters Diary: Dad you are my first love”

  1. Really really good yar every line of ur story is impressive and i just want to read more stories like that ..😍😘


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