The Last Meeting: Things Don’t Change

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It is 1:00 PM, 5 May right now  I am traveling through a bus and looking constantly outside the bus. Today I’m feeling very different like I am missing something from the morning when I came to know that what was i missing and at the same time I get down from the bus and took another and finally reached what I was missing, it is the Pizza shop.

Wait but you don’t know why I was missing this, so let’s start from the start, this is because its the same place where we first met and today after exactly 2 months I am in the front of the same Pizza shop but today everything else is changed. There is no one for whom I have to wait, I find myself alone on the earth which has almost 6 Billion people. I entered in the shop and look at my own face in the mirror which is dull and sorrowful at that time the same face used to have a smile and little nervousness. I order the same pizza that she ordered without any choice because I want to feel the feeling of what happens when you don’t have choices. I bought chocolate it was also the same that I bought for her first time but this time there is no one who thanked me and takes it, so I just put it on the table, actually I am not a chocolate lover so I didn’t ate a bite from it. I took the same seat which I took at that time, but now the seat in front of me was empty, once it was filled with friendship, love, and care although it is also filled now but with ego and misunderstanding.

The song still playing on the LED but now the feeling was not like that, now I am silent but at that time I was singing slowly and she was smiling to see me. There is written “ Don’t leave anything behind you” but this time I left a note on the tissue paper. I wrote this on that : –

“People change, the time change but things don’t change because things are attached to people and feelings.”


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Sometimes if you tightly close something then it can cause slip or leakage because you applied more force then require so closing something tightly is not sufficient while adjusting it would be a better way. Same can happen in relation so try to adjust things.

The love birds once were flying together in the same sky but now both choose own sky to fly. Maybe one day both will encounter again in this world. We were like the rivers that met but never mix. I was like a joker in this story I made joke of myself for a smile on her face and today I become joker for the whole world. You don’t know how many problems I am going through and I never told it to you because I never want to see you sad. Don’t worry we will meet other people in own world, no one remains single in this world.


At the end… still, you are always there for me and whenever I passed near the shop I remember you and from next time I will refrain to go there….just once ask a question to yourself, Who else will love you like me. Although we don’t have hand in hand conversation but I still remember you every time, you are totally unaware and maybe there is not a single day when I don’t look at your photo. Maybe I am scared right now that’s why I hide myself behind words. No matter you are there or not but you are always with me. A companion is necessary for this path of faithfulness If this path is traveled alone, it is difficult.

Now it is so hard to fall in love again with the broken heart and It’s not easy to be in love … when you don’t get love back in return. Maybe the love and hurt are one-sided that’s why it doesn’t distribute into two. Now I’am mature enough and won’t cry for the fake love now.

Maybe I won’t fall in love again because now no love is love, there are tears but no smile, Now only one thing remains “People change, the time change but things don’t change”.


“let us become strangers once again.
I shall no longer maintain hopes of compassion for you
My heart shall no longer tremble when I speak, think about you.”

By: Unknown

If you’ve ever had your heart broken, it’s like, once is enough – you can live a lifetime on that. Ya know? You can write a lot of records on one broken heart.

By: Jessie Baylin


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