Express Love: A million memories a thousand thoughts


Life is so unpredictable and so people, the people who were meant to stay in life they leave and people whom you didn’t expect to be a part of life, becomes your life. One thing I have realized is that its all about expressing in a relationship, how much you are able to express, yes it’s not all about staying together, it’s about expressing together, from talking about your silly crush to Indian politics the range is vast, from crying to realize your mistake. It’s not only about expressing love in a relationship, Its about expressing gratitude, feelings, emotions. In this way, you can express yourself to the other person. Express love to each and everyone whom you love, you don’t need to say three magical words to express your love, there are a billion ways to express your love for someone and showing love is an honor for your loved one.

ex4Showing love like helping in small things too, like pull chair for sitting, hold the door and sometimes helping in cooking and doing some works.

ex1The magic happens, yes the magic, being with a person with whom you can comfortably say that yes I have done a mistake and then laughing upon it. The fearless acceptance makes it magical, the forever might be a myth, but this magic stays you might get over to forever but you cant with this magic, it is addictive, it’s pure, it’s serial.

Sometimes we feel fearful to express love, fear of hurt later, fear of remain alone, being misunderstood, fear of ignorance, dishonesty that’s why we kept love and feelings inside us. Sometimes we feel that if lie brings happiness then lying is ok, but this will hurt you in the future for sure.

Sometimes expressing love is easy, but not expressing love and holding yourself back needs much effort……it happens because you don’t want to hurt yourself. Almost everyone give up in the relationship, because of a lack of expression of true love and value in our lives, most people don’t need true love they just searching for their requirements, mostly true love is the second choice for everyone and face is the first.
Every day is a special day so you don’t need a special day or occasion to express your love to your loved one, express your love every time and everywhere.
Express gratitude in a relationship, The point is that the more you appreciate your partner and friends’ efforts to help and please you in every situation, the more he wants to do things that make you happy and comfortable. Even if you are doing your part in the relationship, thank your partner for the part he plays, too, Because without expressing gratitude and appreciation, the relations won’t work well. gratitude is often shown in its purest form. Another way gratitude can show is by making personal sacrifices for the one you love, no matter how small they seem.
Sharing positive feelings solidifies relationships. Love, appreciation, gratitude, sharing these feelings builds affectionate bonds.
don’t take one another for granted. pay attention to the little things, these little things can make your everyday special.  One thing you need to realize in your life that you are not unique, you can be unique for your family and friend and relatives, So you need to work hard to be unique for everyone.
Show and break down your emotions, our emotions are not always in the pure form we need to show our emotions to the other person in a gentle way. No one can understand whats going on inside you until you express it, you like a planet that has thousands of storms but if any other person looks at you from other planets they everything seems peaceful.

Express your love and you will be amazed to see how much you get back
Tell them how important they are in your life.



“Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment. It is a choice to show mercy, not to hold the offense up against the offender. Forgiveness is an expression of love.”

― Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages:

Somewhere in the arrangement of this world, there seems to be a great concern about giving us delight, which shows that, in the universe, over and above the meaning of matter and forces, there is a message conveyed through the magic touch of personality. … Is it merely because the rose is round and pink that it gives me more satisfaction than the gold which could buy me the necessities of life, or any number of slaves. … Somehow we feel that through a rose the language of love reached our hearts.

                                                           — Rabindranath Tagore


By: Asher & Rashi

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