Shades Of Love


Do you ever think of why most people don’t get a perfect one or love?, because everyone has a different definition of love and relation.

It is not true that no one gets true love. Everyone at least once in life gets true love,  but maybe their definition of true love doesn’t match. Who’s the definition of true love similar then they will together for a long time. And definitions change with time and experience.

Why people say :

I love you or do you love me?

And instead of replying anything one should say

What you expect from me in love?

In this way, they will able to tell you the definition in the sense of expectation.

Because you don’t know what value and meaning of love they hold for themselves.

True love and a relationship hold different values for everyone like call twice in a day, texting the whole day, shopping for her or him, taking him or her out, luxury fun, expensive gifts. Sometime between all of this the other person or both are forget to say “How much I love you” to each other and with the time the relationship becomes the relation of things instead of the relation of feelings.

Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations that why we unable to notice the true love in front of us. After falling in love in the past we now bring some negativity that makes us blind that’s why we unable to find true love present in front of you.


it is hard to find love because I don’t believe love is something that is meant to be found. Love is always there, you just have to be able to understand and recognize it.

Most people don’t get true love because they would not appreciate it and will take it for granted. Here everyone deserves true love at least once in a life but sometimes it comes only when you truly deserve it. There is no such thing exist like a perfect partner on this earth but there is a perfect partner that is meant just for you, who cares about you and who selects you. That time will come when you both finally come together not as a first love but it also is as a friend. So in the meantime, enjoy your life. Let things fall into place. Let times flow as it is. Take your time to grow and mature into the best version of yourself. We only live once, so make everything count and don’t live with regrets. If you once get love then try to stick with it, guard it, save it and never forget to tell that “How much I love you”.


It’s very hard to start again because this may be changed our thinking towards many things definitions about love and relation. Now love maybe hold different values and meanings for us.


True Love :

True love is everywhere, true love present in daily life,  parents loving you is true love.

Your friend and family scolding you in order to get rid of bad habits is true love. Your pet comes running towards you is true Love. True love exists wherever we live but we fail to notice them.

Just like the quote goes “One day you will realize you lost a diamond while busy collecting stones”


Here is a Spanish proverb:

Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando.

It means “ More is worth bird in hand than a hundred flying ” Or a small thing in hand is worth more than a great thing in prospect. Be grateful for what you have rather than what you think might be out there. Love the One You’re With.

For me or for everyone there are some stages and types of love. I call it shades of love, and here we go….

  • If it’s not working, let it go.

Water that you shouldn’t drink, let it run.

Never before has this advice been so relevant! In modern times, you decide you need to let someone go and then you still see their face in your cell phone contacts and on at least three different social platforms. Block them, delete them, do whatever is necessary. Let them go. From love to hate there is one step.


  • Tough Love

Who loves you well will make you cry. We, humans, have the tendency to take everything for granted but in the end, you will get only what you deserve. Where there’s love, there’s a pain.

  • Unstoppable Love

Love can do anything and love will find a way. Love is something that shines in a thousand darks.

  • Love Lost

Here is another Spanish proverb :

 Un clavo saca otro clavo.

Literal Translation: One nail takes out another nail.

Figurative translation: In order to forget a lost love you must find a new one.

This phrase originates from the poem Tonás y livianas” by Spanish poet Manuel Machado (older brother of the famous Antonio Machado):

“Quita una pena otra pena, un dolor otro dolor,
un clavo saca otro clavo y un amor quita otro amor.”

(One sorrow wipes out another sorrow, one pain another pain,
a nail takes out another nail and a new love erases the memory of an old one.)


First, you have to recognize what do you mean by true love. Nowadays our definition of true love is highly affected by our environment and by the culture in which we are living. We have recognized what we expect in love. Love isn’t wound in a book by some words and by 26 alphabets its something that is woundless which is different for everyone. Not compare your love with others’ love or by books, movies or any event that you heard or watched. Better to be the best version of yourself daily not chasing some other best person. True love gives you satisfaction, the satisfaction of not remain alone, the satisfaction of care by others. True love gives you the courage to become the best version of yourself.

By: Asher


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