Move On: Broken but Beautiful


Every rejected proposal gives you the power and hopes to move on. It helps you in thinking again about what you actually love. Did He/she was the one whom you love if yes then why He/she wasn’t interested in you? you were wrong in making choices or the wrong person is chosen by him/her.

“Love can’t be perfect you have to make it perfect.”

I know it is very hard to move on because we are without the person who was once the whole world for us. Now you feel every day is like a dull day. Actually, we feel it because now there is no one whom you care for, it is similar to the addiction of drugs.Why you feel alone because you make him or her priority and you only an option for them. An option can change but priority takes too much time to change.


Now read this quote before once again fall in love because it gives you a real idea about what is love and feelings. If you don’t give respect to love and feelings of other then one day you will remain alone in this crowded world.


Respect people’s feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you. It could mean everything to them.

By: unknown


But now you have to move on, by the time everything will change. The time will heal the wound, one day you won’t feel alone anymore and then you feel happier about your foolish first love but only when you learn something from your first love.  So now you have to move on in the right way. Don’t try to convince your heart too much to forget about your love because it works in reverse order, better to spend time on other things so you won’t feel alone. Now your way of living change and take this change as positive, Because as much as you ignore it, the heart and mind point to the person. Now don’t try all the time to find someone new because it will make you feel happy but please don’t make fool the other person. If your heart broke twice then it’s your problem not there. Love someone who brings a change in you otherwise, a juggler can influence you.


“Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having.”

By: Unknown


Now a question striking in my mind that’s what is actually love.?

Love is something that makes you mature, in love you become more careful for loved once. Most couples don’t think about the future in love they only want someone with whom they can share there feeling. But if someone fails in first love then they consider first love as fake love and consider sharing feeling as wasting time. Sometimes it is right to be single and it shows your maturity because you don’t need anyone to share your feelings. Do you ever think that do you actually want someone to share your feelings,  of course not coz you have family and friends with whom you can share your feelings but what attracts you towards love is our society and culture where being single consider bad sometimes. Today’s culture and fashion force you to love someone, it makes you feel that if you are single then you are an antique or old fashioned person. I am not saying that fall in love is bad but falls in love with the wrong person and on the wrong time can ruin your life and this relationship end up with one broken heart…why I’m saying one broken heart because the other one is already others. Everyone should do love once in immature life, if it fails then it can teach you what is actually true love and now you can wait for someone right person, but it is only can happen when you learn something from first fake love if you do not learn anything then you feel very depressed and wandering for another person and again there is more likely you end up with another wrong person. Being in love with someone and marry someone both are very different things, one related to only your personal life but other is related to our family and society. Marriage someone is a more complex thing. If you ever fall in a situation in life where someone needs to think twice to choose you, then never choose back the person, because you are only an option for them. Please forgive everyone and move on for a better and happy life.

In Richard Carlson’s word…

“The key to a good life is this: If you’re not going to talk about something during the last hour of your life, then don’t make it a top priority during your lifetime.”

Thinking of someone to love each day keeps your resentment away, it will give you more peace, it will give you satisfaction,  your day will be fulfilled with love and kindness. “As long as you think more is better, you’ll never be satisfied.”

We should always trust on timing. We get things that we deserve not what we want. People want everything best and perfect now, and perfection is nothing more than a myth. We should be a reason for own happiness, we don’t depend on others for happiness. Failure in love is a phase of life and lifelong experience, so it will get wiser after every phase.

Most important of all is to believe – “Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”

There is no Escape from Problems. Problems are never-ending. Escape is within you. Stop searching for an escape and believe that you already have something that others might be praying for.

Don’t be afraid to be alone and in no relationship. Create meaningful friendships and enjoy life this way. You are young. There is plenty of time for relationships later in your life.

Of course, you will miss them! You want them back. both ways you are in a win-win situation, if they come back, talk to them, this is the issue, discuss that we can work this together, if they don’t, at least you won’t have the regret you didn’t try.

I’ll suggest, whenever you miss them, talk to yourself in your head, they were a good part of my past, we made good memories but maybe they are not good for my future. Whatever happens, it’s for good. It’s kind of Psychological trick, trust me you’ll get courage, you’ll feel better.

Remove any friend, any relationship, once you are sure you are done, delete them from your life. Your phone, any social website like everywhere but only once you are sure otherwise go back to point 6.

it’s ok to cry sometimes, in fact, It’s good to cry. Only if a person is capable of crying out loud would he ever be able to laugh open-heartedly. Cry till you feel it’s enough. Cry out loud if you want, write emotions,

But Always try to Smile, NO matter what you are dealing with just never stop smiling, click selfies, it helps.

give Time: Time heals everything. With time, you will be better.

accept the truth, this is the main problem of human being, we never want to accept the truth in which we prove guilty own self.

Last but not least, Be an example for others so that others can admire you. That’s the best feeling in the world.

Believe this “No one is greater than you in your life”.


Just hug someone or something hard and let yourself melt away, don’t be too hard on yourself

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. . . .It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres.” 
By: Bible


And Lastly here is something for you, my favorite person……..

This is to everyone out there, staying out of unnecessary friendships,  to everyone staying out of romantic relationships from the fear of messing other person’s life too, to everyone who isn’t a part of the “inner-circles”, to everyone who’s spending their weekends strengthening themselves than getting wasted in some parties, to everyone who loves own self, to everyone who has genuine passion, to everyone who is working hard for dreams and goals.

And For this is to everyone who knows the value of sacrifice.

Some day, each of your sacrifices shall pay off and that will be the best day of your entire life!

The day your head shall be high, eyes gleaming with the joyous tears of victory & heart pounding so loud you won’t even notice (or care) if there are enough people to cheer you when you lift your goddamn trophy.


By: Asher

( And everyone who shares their experiences and thoughts with me)

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